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Simply Duck

COMPLEX… So it’s just a kiosk right?... TOTALLY WRONG! ‘Mise en place’ meaning ‘putting in place,’ a French culinary terminology that chef’s would be horrified we have used for a kiosk.  But it’s a very complex considered design, a detailed ergonomic time and motion study, being a lunchtime venue there is the core hour with a shoulder hour either side to make your margins.  Everything for service must be inside at arm’s length and ready to go, we had to know how fast the duck could be carved in a fast but theatrical preparation process with staff dedicated tasks, ergonomics and hygiene all need considering, everything needs ‘putting in place.’  Clear graphics, clarity of purchasing process and placed products to maximise customer exposure and spend.

If you are designing it right it is COMPLEX, it’s not just a kiosk!

Simply Duck 07.jpg
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