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Tulse Hill Canopy

INNOVATION… Without doubt this the most satisfying project completion of the year – Tulse Hill Station Canopy 6 years in the making!  Looks ordinary but is very innovative (before you ask we’ve hidden the innovative bits).  WHY SIX YEARS?  No we are not that slow, I’d like to say that innovation takes time, but development of London Bridge Station wiped out possessions.  What’s innovative, operational safety, big spans, minimal platform foot print, clear sight lines, all annual maintenance from below including gutter clearance and equipment installation.  Next stage develop on the kit of parts, the team has a lot of experience give us a call.  Special thanks to Paul Best at GTR, Atkins, Wilson & Partners, Connell Wain and the long suffering Vaughan McNealy at McNealy Brown, told you we would get one done Vaughan!

Canopy 3.jpg
Canopy 2.jpg
testing 2 edited.jpg
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